Modern Warfare Leak Suggests a Fully Automatic FAL is Coming to Warzone

Potential buffs to the FAL could make it fully automatic
Potential buffs to the FAL could make it fully automatic / Image via Activision

The FAL has been one of the top weapons in Warzone for a while. It does a ton of damage and has the ability to pierce armor. In the right hands, the weapon can deliver quick kills from a distance and punish enemies for poor positioning. Because the weapon is semi-automatic, it requires players to be accurate and control the recoil to maximize its potential. In the near future, the weapon may claim the title of best gun in Warzone.

According to a leak shared by ModernWarzone, the FAL is receiving a buff in the form of a new attachment--one that will make it fully automatic. The attachment is called "Full-Auto Conversion" and would allow players to adopt a more "spray and pray" style with the weapon. It's unclear if the attachment will have any negative effects on any of the weapon's stats, however, decreased control seems to make sense. While the proposed attachment would make the weapon fully automatic, don't expect it to have the same fire rate as other assault rifles.

It's currently unknown how players will unlock the attachment, however, weapon progression or completing challenges seem like the two most likely outcomes. The update would almost certainly push the FAL to the top of the Warzone meta and cement it as the best gun in the game. Now, we wait for Activision's confirmation and more information about the potential buff to the FAL.