5 Things We Want in the Next Modern Warfare Patch

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward
Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward /

The latest patch update for Modern Warfare brought new playlists, new game modes and a new gunfight map. Here are 5 things we want in the next Call of Duty Patch.

5 Things We Want in the Next Modern Warfare Patch

1. Improve Spawns

While it is nearly impossible to fix Shipment spawns due to the small map size and large player lobby, Infinity Ward should shift their focus to Shoothouse. Since the newest patch, players have reported getting spawn trapped. This has been a common problem across a lot of the playlists and maps.

2. Shipment 24/7

Shipment, Rust, and Shoothouse 24/7 have all been placed in the same mode. People are lobby surfing for Shipment affecting lobbies and ruining games. This issue can be easily avoided if Shipment 24/7 returns to a separate game mode.

3. Fix Shaders

There is a bug where some players are unable to reinstall shaders. When prompted to Reset Shader Installation option, the game permanently pauses and the player is unable to continue despite resetting the game. The problem appears on all game mode menus including the main menu and the settings menu.

4. Fix Collision Bugs

Infinity Ward has addressed previous collision bugs but not all. These bugs have caused an array of issues with players and can be found when throwing lethals, aiming down sights, etc.

5. Alter Double XP Tokens

Double XP tokens are active in real time. This means that the moment a player activates the token, the token will continue its countdown even when the player is not in game. Infinity Ward should make these tokens active only when a player is in game, that way a player won't have to worry about the token expiring as they are waiting for a playable lobby.