Modern Warfare Season 4 Weapons Possibly Leaked

Some new weapons have been found for Modern Warfare Season 4.
Some new weapons have been found for Modern Warfare Season 4. / Photo by Kiz#0907

New weapons expected to be in Modern Warfare Season 4 have been leaked. Reddit user JeaneJWE originally posted the leaks, which were corroborated by other dataminers in the Call of Duty community.

Four weapons probable for Season 4 were discovered. Based on the progress of each weapon's development, the small caliber SMG Vector and the Galil assualt rifle are likely to be included for Season 4's launch. The HK G28 sniper is expected to come mid-season.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Weapons Leaked

Data for the Vector and Galil's in-game stat graph were found, as well as placeholder models and sound clips of the weapons firing. The Vector is expected to have the second highest fire rate in the game behind the minigun, with poor range and control but surprisingly decent accuracy and damage. The Galil is similar to the AK-47, with slightly less damage. It will have good control and is expected to have a large degree of customization.

The G28 isn't as far in development, with only promotional images and stat data available.

JeaneJWE also found a surprise new weapon, the XM109 anti-material rifle. The weapon would be a long range launcher, capable of dealing massive vehicle damage at distance. The XM109 currently has HDR stats and models as a placeholder, but there is a unique firing sound in the game's files. It's unsure when we could expect to see the XM109.

Modern Warfare Season 4 is expected to begin in June.