Modern Warfare Terminal: Possible Warzone Location?

When will we see Terminal in Modern Warfare?
When will we see Terminal in Modern Warfare? / Photo by Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare Terminal is a classic map that is rumored to be the site (or one of the locations) for Modern Warfare's Battle Royale Mode Warzone.

Modern Warfare Terminal

At the end of Ghost's intro scene for Season 2, it's revealed that the cinematic takes place in an airport terminal reminiscent of the iconic Modern Warfare 2 map.

The cinematic ends with several soldiers parachuting down to the Terminal. There are no maps that take place in any airport terminal at this point, so this location is a teaser for a future update. While the original map may be too small for a full scale Battle Royale, the cinematic implies it is one of the locations on a larger map for the anticipated Warzone.

Another classic map, Rust, was added recently for a one-on-one playlist in Season 2. We could expect more classic maps with interesting twists, perhaps as locations within the Warzone mode.