Modern Warfare Warzone Lag: How to Combat It

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward
Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward /

Modern Warfare Warzone lag is frustrating to deal with but can be avoidable. Here are a few tips on how to combat it.

Modern Warfare Warzone Lag: How to Combat It

Lag is every gamer's worst nightmare because it can render a game unplayable. To ensure you have the best connection at all times, try the following tips.

Start by changing your wireless connection to a wired connection. A wired connection, though less convenient than a wireless one, is a lot more stable. It's consistency makes for a faster more reliable connection. If that doesn't work, ensure that you have no downloads running in the background. Whether you are a console player or a PC player, you want to make sure that the downloads aren't taking up the bandwidth.

Either pause, stop or wait for the downloads to finish before starting up Warzone so your connection can focus all its attention on the game as opposed to the other less important tasks in the background. Keep all your software up to date too to ensure that your console or PC are optimized and running efficiently.

If you're connection is good and you have tried all of these tips but are still lagging, it could just be an issue on Infinity Ward's end. The free to play game is still very new which means a lot of players will be joining the servers within the next few days. Once the player base becomes more consistent, fans should expect stability improvements. These improvements will likely improve server maintenance and player lag.