Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch 1.28 Summary and Key Changes

The new patch features several changes that are sure to please players
The new patch features several changes that are sure to please players / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare patch notes have released and with them come several changes. Some of the changes are insignificant and are more quality of life while others change players should look out for.

Here are the patch notes and what players should keep in mind the next time they play Warzone or Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare & Warzone Key Changes

Playlist Changes:

Modern Warfare:
-Ground War
-Gun Fight
-Deathmatch Domination+Drop Zone
-Gun Game TDM
-HQ Firefight

-Blood Money Quads removed
-Adding Plunder Quads


-Increased minimum damage at range on the Kar98k in Warzone
-Reduced minimum damage at range on the SP-R 20

-Removing Blood Money Quads
-Adding Plunder Quads

General Fixes/ Warzone Fixes:

General Fixes:
-Fixed an issue where teammates could spawn inside a closed off room on Broadcast
-Fixed a bug where grenades could fall through the floor in the Foreman's Office while on Mialstor Tank Factory
-Fix for an issue where players could experience a crash after reaching wave 45 or higher in Survival Mode

-Fixes to help prevent players from dying while completing the Subway Puzzle
-Fix for a bug where players may not be able to access Bunker 11
-Fixed a gas mask bug when players attempt to complete the Station Puzzle
-Fix for a collision bug near the entrance on the underground road on the West side of the airport
-If a player dies post doors closing of the subway car, they will be pulled out of the gulag by the fast travel system and then pulled back into the gulag for a match once it is their turn. This has been fixed
-Fixed for an issue where the player's view could be forcibly moved when exiting a vehicle or parachuting
-Fixed a bug where players could experience a crash after engaging with a Bounty Contract


While not all changes are important, there are a few to watch out for, specifically the weapon changes. The Kar98 damage increase at range makes the sniper a more punishing gun when used properly so next time you pick it up, remember that it now does more damage at a longer range. Additionally several of the spawning issues have been addressed so there is no need to worry about being spawned into dead space for the time being.