Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List February 2020: Best Assault Rifles and SMGs Currently

AR and SMG tier list as of February 2020
AR and SMG tier list as of February 2020 / Image courtesy of Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List February 2020 is chalk full of powerful weapons, but the most commonly used by players are assault rifles and sub-machine guns. There are many different guns in these classifications, and some are better than others.

Here are the best ARs and SMGs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List February 2020 for Assault Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns


  • KILO 141: This fully automatic assault rifle is a monster in the right hands, as it can spray down enemies in close to mid-range with it's intense rate of fire and the damage punch it gives.
  • M4A1: Despite receiving a nerf to its range and damage, the M4 is still one of the best guns in the game. With the combination it has of low recoil and high rate of fire, the M4 beats out the KILO in terms of overall effectiveness.
  • MP5: The MP5 also received a nerf like the M4, but also like the M4, it is still one of the best guns in the game. The sub-machine gun still has an incredible aim-down-sights time and can mow down enemies at mid-range like no other sub-machine gun, making it the best SMG in the game.


  • MP7: Falling close behind the MP5, the MP7 is one of the best guns in terms of close-range fighting. It can fire off shots quickly and deal huge blows of damage, combining to make the MP7 a must when face-to-face with an enemy.
  • PP19 BIZON: This SMG is widely effective in its ability to dominate at a close range and at long distance. It also has a large magazine. These things separate it from most in its class, making it a standout weapon.
  • AUG: With its effectiveness at long ranges and how damage heavy and accurate it is, the AUG makes for an all-around solid pick any match.
  • RAM-7: If you can master this weapon you will be able to compete at any range with excellent efficiency, as the gun deals loads of damage and has a tremendous time to kill.


  • FR 556: This burst-fire assault rifle makes for a dominant weapon that can shell out damage and drop enemies easily if used correctly.
  • P90: Due to its easy use, firing rate, mag size, and average damage the P90 is a solid SMG selection in most cases.
  • M13: While lacking in accuracy, the M13 makes up for it with a huge amount of power but the combination of the two leads to gamers struggling with the gun.
  • ODEN: The high damage and accuracy of the ODEN makes it a coveted weapon in Modern Warfare. Even with the low rate of fire, it actually benefits the gun in accuracy.


  • FN SCAR 17: Its slow rate of fire lowers its appeal, but the punch the gun packs still makes it a moderately effective weapon.
  • AK-47: This classic weapon is only truly effective when the player becomes a master at using it. There is little appeal in it compared to other guns, but if you stay loyal to it, it may reward you.
  • FAL: The FAL can dump significant damage but its slow rate of fire hinders it's effectiveness.
  • UZI: The Modern Warfare version of the UZI packs little damage, terrible recoil, a slow rate of fire, and a decent clip size, making it a gun you can easily skip past in the loadout selection.