Moira Set to Receive Another Rework in Overwatch 2 Amid Fan Criticism

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players have complained that the reworked Moira is overpowered, and it seems Blizzard will heed their calls for change. The developer has explained in depth what they were doing to rework the character after the first beta, but there remains work to be done on the hero.

Blizzard's last rework added the ability "Necrotic Orb," which negates damage from opponents and debuffs other players. What resulted was madness, as Moira could easily tank ultimates from heroes such as Genji or D.Va.

On July 28, Blizzard released a blog post where they announced they would be reverting Moira back to her status pre-beta. This means that the devs are going to remove the Necrotic Orb ability from Moira's kit, but she will still keep her other improvements from the last beta of Overwatch 2.

Hopefully Blizzard will have enough time to fix one of the best healers in the game, but with Overwatch 2's Oct. 4 release date fastly approaching, the window to fix her is closing.