Monk Doomfist Skin Released for Overwatch Lunar New Year

Monk Doomfist skin is one of the seven new Overwatch Lunar New Year event skins released Thursday for Year of the Rat

Monk Doomfist in Overwatch
Monk Doomfist in Overwatch / Photo by Blizzard

Monk Doomfist Skin

Monk Doomfist features the offensive hero with a Chinese themed fist. He's got a gold plate on his chest and yellow-bricked pants. This is the first time Doomfist has received an Overwatch Lunar New Year event.

Monk Doomfist Price

Monk Doomfist is an Epic skin that's event-tied to Overwatch Lunar New Year for Year of the Rat. He costs 750 Overwatch coins for the duration of the event. When the skin is re-released at a later date like a future Lunar New Year event, the skin will be discounted to base Epic skin price.

Monk Doomfist Release Date

Monk Doomfist was released alongside Face Changer Sombra, Samul Nori Lucio and the rest of the new Overwatch Lunar New Year skins on Thursday, Jan. 16.

How to Get Monk Doomfist

There are two ways to get Monk Doomfist. Players can purchase the skin in the Hero Gallery or by opening loot boxes. Keep in mind the latter is not a guaranteed way of getting the skin. If you want Monk Doomfist and have the coins, just get it in the gallery.