Monster Hunter Iceborne Final Boss: Who is it?

Monster Hunter Iceborne's final boss is one of intrigue as fans try to figure out how to defeat it.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the newly released expansion for the popular game Monster Hunter World. The expansion released for the console versions of the game a couple days ago, but the Steam version will not come out until Jan. 2020.

Iceborne is an expansion that is meant to be harder than the base game and geared towards players that have a copious amount of experience and skills playing Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Iceborne Final Boss

The Final Boss of the Iceborne is an elder dragon named Shara Ishvalda. Shara can manipulate the earth itself to attack you so beware of your surrounding when attempting to overcome the elder dragon. Shara is weak to only Blastblight, Ice, and Water as far as we know right now. On the other hand, Shara is resistant to Sleep and Thunder.

Not much else is know about Shara Ishvalda yet so be careful and knowledgeable when commencing the final fight of Iceborne.

Cover Image Courtesy of Capcom Entertainment