Monster Hunter Rise: All Available Weapon Classes

Monster Hunters grants you access to 14 different weapons to destroy monsters
Monster Hunters grants you access to 14 different weapons to destroy monsters / Photo Courtesy of CAPCOM

Monster Hunter Rise brings 14 weapons to your arsenal to wreak havoc against monsters throughout Kamura Village. Each weapon provides different advantages to suit your playstyle, whether you like to battle up close and personal or with a bit of space in-between you and your enemies.

Here are all the available weapons to use in Monster Hunter Rise:

1. Bow and Arrow

For those who love to attack from range, the bow and arrow grants two attack types, the Herculean Draw and the Focus Shot. "Swift, Elegant, and Percise," is how CAPCOM describes this weapon.

2. Dual Blades

Wielders of the Dual Blades will have two attack types, the Shrouded Vault and Piercing Bind, each getting you extra damage in on your enemy.

3. Long Sword

Monster Hunters wielding the Long Sword will have access to the Soaring Kick attack, which is a jumping kick attack that ends with a sword thrust for extra damage. The Serene Pose attack also helps you counterattack monsters with ease.

4. Lance

For those hunters who like bigger more fearsome weapons, the Lance is a great weapon. Its sheer size is intimidating, but the Anchor Rage attack allows you to also shield yourself from opponents' attacks while temporarily boosting your attack, which is great to keep you a step ahead even on the defense.

5. Heavy Bowgun

The Bowgun is super powerful and viable for any Monster Hunter to use. The Counter Shot allows you to set yourself up for a powerful counterattack. The Free Silkbind Glide Skill to execute a rapid close attack or sheathing your weapon.

6. Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a more mobile, lightweight version of the Heavy Bowgun. It also possesses the Silkbind Glide Skill, but the second skill to master is the Fanning Vault, which allows you to use a wirebug to vault forward and rain down shots from above.

7. Hammer

The Hammer is one of the stronger-looking weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon features the Impact Crater attack, which lets you perform a rising attack that also hits multiple times on the way down. The Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon deals multiple hits while you leap forward.

8. Sword and Shield

A sword and shield is a go-to combo for any Monster Hunter, allowing you to attack and defend yourself at the same time. Both of the skills for this class are offensive: Falling Shadow and Windmill. The versatility of the Sword and Shield makes this a viable option for any player.

9. Insect Glaive

The insect Glaive combines a long staff and Kinsect to overpower monsters throughout the game. The weapon uses aerial tactics to hurt enemies from above. The Glaive also possesses the Silkbind Vault, a strong leaping attack, and the Recall Kinsect, which allows your kinsect to execute a spinning attack while helping you regain health.

10. Gunlance

The Gunlance possesses the Guard Edge and Hail Cutter skills. The Guard Edge rebuilds your weapon's sharpness while the Hail Cutter gives you the ability to perform a rising slash attack leading to overhead smash attacks.

11. Great Sword

The Great Sword is exactly what the name signifies it as. It's Power Sheathe ability is a strong power attack, while the Hunting Edge skill brings a little bit of finesse to your sword with an aerial spinning attack.

12. Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is one of the most flexible weapons to use in the game, operating both as an axe and a sword. The Axe gives more fluid and strong attacks, while the sword allows you to strike your opponent more rapidly.

13. Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is more of a support weapon to help buff your allies, but it can still deal damage. The Slide Beat skill uses the Wirebug to launch you into the air and execute a spinning attack, while the Earthshaker drives a stake into your opponent.

14. Charge Blade

The Charge Blade can be used as a sword and shield, or be combined into an axe. The Counter Peak Performance skill readies your shield while stretching silk to the ground to keep you set in place. The Morphing Advanced skill shoots you forward and turns your blade into the powerful axe.

Experiment with all these weapons to decide which fits you best, and once you figure that out, happy monster hunting!