Monster Hunter Rise Bubblefoam Guide

Players can obtain Bubblefoam from Mizutsune.
Players can obtain Bubblefoam from Mizutsune. / Photo courtesy of Capcom

Bubblefoam in Monster Hunter Rise is an item that can be obtained from Mizutsune. These monsters are Leviathans that can secrete foam that serves to immobilize their enemies.

Bubblefoam is an extremely useful item that can be used to craft a variety of weapons and armor. It can also be dangerous for players fighting Mizutsune, as the in-game description of this item states that "just a few drops of Bubblefoam can turn a swamp into a bubble bath."

Monster Hunter Rise Bubblefoam

Players looking to get their hands on Bubblefoam will have to hunt down Mizutsune. These monsters can be found in several locations across the Monster Hunter Rise map. Their known habitats include Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, and Shrine Ruins.

When fighting Mizutsune, players should avoid their bubbles at all costs, as they will cause the hunter to slide on the surface of water. This makes fighting the monster a painstaking task, but players can cleanse them by running around, performing dodge movements, or using a Cleanser.

Those looking to farm Bubblefoam may want to consider doing so with other players. There are also a variety of other useful items in Monster Hunter Rise, such as Quality Fin, that can be obtained in multiplayer mode.