Monster Hunter Rise: Everything We Know so Far

Monster Hunter Rise: Everything we Know so Far
Monster Hunter Rise: Everything we Know so Far / Photo courtesy of Capcom | Nintendo

Regardless of your familiarity with the franchise, we've got you covered with everything known so far about Monster Hunter Rise. The demo for Monster Hunter Rise is once again available for the Nintendo Switch, and there is new content to explore before the release of the full game on March 26.

Tuesday, March 9, Capcom showed new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay and details, reviewing and introducing a lot of information. Whether you're new to the series or a veteran hunter returning for another exciting experience, it can be overwhelming to take in all this information at once.

Monster Hunter Rise: Everything We Know so Far

While the demo for Monster Hunter Rise is extensive, it doesn't contain the full scope of gameplay that will be available at the end of the month. There are plenty of details to be prepared for, as the game will contain 14 different weapons at launch, new movesets, and free title updates that include Chameleos, a familiar Elder Dragon that was introduced in Monster Hunter 2, and several unnamed new monsters near the end of April.

1. Limited Time Demo Returns

The limited time demo for Monster Hunter Rise makes its return today, March 11, and features a new quest that allows players to face off against the Flagship Monster, Magnamalo.

It's an advanced quest that provides a challenge with the limited fixed armor sets available in the demo. Those who already had the demo downloaded can update their copy to receive this quest, and reset the number of remaining tries to start fresh once again.

All quests from the January demo are available as well, and those who are playing the game for the first time should start with those.

2. Wirebug

The Wirebug is a new tool to the Monster Hunter series, replacing the Clutch Claw that was a part of Monster Hunter World and Iceborne. Similarly, the Wirebug will allow for easier mounting access to monsters, and additional moves and mobility mechanics will allow players to travel across the various landscapes with ease.

The Wirebug will allow players to run along high walls and even fly through the air like a pseudo Spider-Man, provided they do not run out of stamina. Additionally, each weapon has a unique set of Wirebug attacks called "Silkbind Attacks." This feature is limited in the demo, and each weapon will have an improved move set upon the game's full release.

Switch Skills are a new feature added as well, giving players the ability to switch between regular attacks and Silkbind Attacks. This offers a variety of ways for players to utilize each weapon, intended to create hunting styles unique to the user.

Lastly, you can use your Wirebug to perform a new mechanic called "Wyvern Riding." This feature sees a player mounting a monster with full control, allowing the player to utilize the monster's strengths and move-pool to attack other monsters.

3. Buddies

The Palicoes, a small cat-like race of creatures iconic to the series as support NPCs, make their return, and a new type of Buddy called the Palamute makes its debut as well. Designed in the style of a lean, wolf-like creature, the Palamute allows players to ride on its back and will attack monsters as well.

In single player, you are allowed to bring up to two Buddies with you, in any combination. This means you can have two Palicoes, two Palamutes, or a mix of the two. For the first time, players are able to bring one Buddy with them in multiplayer, regardless of party size. You and up to three friends can full-charge into the chaos on your Palamutes.

4. Locales

This game contains five locales, each with a unique biome and distinct monsters both large and small. They are:

- Shrine Ruins
- Flooded Forest
- Frost Islands
- Sandy Plains
- Lava Caverns

Monster Hunter Rise contains new endemic life unique to each locale as well that will help players in various ways along their quests. Additionally, Hot Drinks will no longer be a necessity for exploring cold areas, in Monster Hunter Rise.

Game Director Yasunori Ichinose tweeted in late January 2021 that the item is often forgotten about on hunts, and therefore they have decided to scrap its inclusion all together.

5. Monsters

The game features, to date, 11 new monsters, as well as a wide range of returning fan favorites.

New Monsters:
- Almudron
- Rakna-Kadaki
- Rachnoid (young Rakna-Kadaki)
- Goss Harag
- Bishaten
- Somnacanth
- Tetranadon
- Aknosom
- Great Izuchi
- Izuchi (young Izuchi)
- Magnamalo

Returning Large Monsters:
- Anjanath
- Arzuros
- Barioth
- Barroth
- Basarios
- Chameleos (released in April as Free Title Update)
- Diablos
- Great Baggi
- Great Wroggi
- Jyuratodus
- Khezu
- Kulu-Ya-Ku
- Lagombi
- Mizutsune
- Nargacuga
- Pukei-Pukei
- Rajang
- Tigrex
- Rathalos
- Rathian
- Royal Ludroth
- Tobi-Kadachi
- Volvidon
- Zinogre

Returning Small Monsters:
- Altaroth
- Anteka
- Baggi
- Bnahabra
- Bombadgy
- Bullfango
- Delex
- Felyne
- Gajau
- Gargwa
- Jaggi
- Jaggia
- Jagras
- Kelbi
- Kestodon
- Ludroth
- Melynx
- Popo
- Remobra
- Rhenoplos
- Slagtoth
- Wroggi
- Zamite

6. Rampage

The next item on our list is a in quest type called Rampage. Players will have to use Hunting Installations to repel Monsters from invading Kamura Village, the main home for your character.

Players will have in-quest prep time to establish best places for Hunting Installations, and will be notified when its time to get up-close for combat. Additionally, two in-game characters from the village will provide backup.

The quest is completed when all of the hordes have been repelled, or when the final "Major Threat" has been defeated. These Major Threats can be either be a returning feature to the series known as Apex Monsters, or something else entirely.

7. Additional Features

The Gathering Hub is another returning feature, allowing up to four players to join in the same location and embark on a quest together. Just like in previous games, one player will start the quest from the Quest Board, and the others will join from there via online communication.

Players can now use a new feature called a "Hunter Connect" tag, allowing like-minded hunters to link up based on the same objective or play style. You can invite players to this tag, and an additional "Like" function was added to make it easier to find players you teamed up with previously. Players who use the "Like" function on each other become "Mutual Likes," making it easier to find one another.

Finally, taking photos in game can be used with in-game survey equipment, or the Switch console itself.

8. Bonuses

Players who purchase Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, releasing worldwide on July 9, 2021, can link their accounts together and get the default rider armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

Players who purchase the Deluxe Kit for Monster Hunter Rise will receive a "Kamurai" layered armor set. The game's release date will also have paid DLC available in the form of, hairstyles, face paint, hunter voices, and layered armor for Buddies.

9. Free Title Update

Final item on our list, Free Title Updates will be available starting at the end of April. These updates will see the inclusion of several new monsters, and the return of Chameleos. More title updates will be released at a date to be determined.

Additionally, the Free Title Update will unlock the Hunter Rank cap and related features.

Monster Hunter Rise releases in full on March 26, 2021, and on PC in early 2022, and we hope that this guide proves fruitful as you dive into this brand new experience.