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Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Moveset: How to Use the Longsword

Hunter With Longsword
Hunter With Longsword / Courtesy of Capcom

The Longsword in Monster Hunter Rise is a returning fan favorite in the game's large roster of weapons. Players who pick up this weapon can expect to hack away at monsters while doing super acrobatic flips and dealing huge damage. But to effectively use any weapon in the game you have to understand the basic mechanics of the weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise: How-To Use The Longsword

So the first thing that players will notice once they pick up the long sword is the image of a longsword imprinted on the top left of their screen, the Spirit Gauge. As you attack (X Button) with the longsword the gauge will fill up allowing you to do Spirit Attacks (ZR Button). By doing a Spirit Attack you'll eat away at the gauge, without enough Spirit Energy you can't perform any Spirit Attacks

By doing 4 Spirit Attacks you'll perform a Spirit Roundslash. After performing Roundslash players will notice the outside of their sword glowing white, this is known as Spirit Level 1. During this period you'll do more damage with the Long Sword and once your sword stops glowing you will go back to normal. The only way to keep this state active is by advancing to the next level by performing another Spirit Roundslash. The three levels are marked by the colors White (Level 1), Yellow (Level 2), and Red (Level 3).

Now that you know how to use the Long Sword it's time to start hunting. If you haven't already go pick up Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch and join in on the fun.