Monster Hunter Rise Petalace Explained

Petalace is a new equipment piece in Monster Hunter Rise
Petalace is a new equipment piece in Monster Hunter Rise / Photo courtesy of Capcom

Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise features a new item called the Petalace, allowing you to enhance your hunter during a quest. The Petalace is an equipment piece that works with the Spiribirds found in various parts of the maps, so it's important to make sure that your hunter has one equipped as soon as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise Petalace Explained

The Petalace can be equipped like a piece of armor or a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise and offers a variety of benefits for your hunter during a quest. They make use of the Spiribirds by adding their effects to the stats of the players for the remainder of a quest. Once the quest is over, the player's stats return to normal (much like the stats affected by the meal eaten before the quest).

While there are only four different kinds of Spiribirds, each Petalace has a different limit for the amount of Spiribirds a player can make use of. For example, Hunting Petalace I allows the player to increase their Health and Stamina by 30 points each, Attack up by 5 points, and Defense up by 10.

Another example, the Strength Petalace I allows players to have their Health increased by 50 points and Defense by 40 points. Unfortunately, the trade-off with this kind of Petalace only allows players to increase their Attack by 3 points, and Defense increased by 5. Additional Petalaces include the Fortitude Petalace I, and Demon Petalace I.

Petalaces can be acquired from the Smithy, or through in game quests and bonus. For more Monster Hunter Rise content, check out our guides for finding both Fucium and Gracium ore.