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Monster Hunter Rise Village Key Quests: Everything You Need To Know

Key Quests should be marked for players in their Quest Counter
Key Quests should be marked for players in their Quest Counter / Photo Courtesy of Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise officially came out March 26, and here's everything you need to know about the village key quests. With the recent release of Monster Hunter Rise, new players may be confused or in need of a guide on certain elements of the game. For those who are curious about the village quests they likely have come across, we'll be explaining what they are as well as the rewards for doing completing them.

Monster Hunter Rise Village Key Quests

In Monster Hunter Rise, village key quests are solo quests players can complete in various villages and locations in the game. Quests in the game are divided into six different levels, and village key quests are no exception. Obviously, quests that are level six have the highest difficulty but also grant the most substantial rewards. Many of the quests at level one and two revolve around gathering materials or slaying smaller mobs, but every village key quest from level three and up have to do with hunting large, dangerous monsters. Level one key quests grant 240 zenny, the currency in the game, and each level increases the payout , with level six giving players 5100 zenny.

Completing enough key quests can unlock urgent quests for players, which are necessary to unlock more quests and advance the story. Thus, to advance in the game players must complete a certain amount of village key quests.