Monster Hunter World Iceborne Solidbone: Where to Find it

Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion has added a number of new key resources, including Solidbone. There are three types of Solidbone that you'll need throughout the game. Here's a guide on where to find each of them.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Solidbone: Where to Find it

Dragonvein Solidbone is dropped by large monsters in the Guiding Lands.

Monster Solidbone is a drop specific to the Brute Tigrex, which is exclusive to the Guiding Lands Rotten Level 6 or higher.

Spiritvein Solidbone is dropped by tempered monsters within the Guiding Lands.

Image Courtesy of Capcom
Image Courtesy of Capcom /

The Monster Solidbone and Spiritvein Solidbones each also have Slogbone drop variants from lower level monster variants in the same regions.

All three types of Solidbone are Master Rank materials that you'll encounter in the Iceborne expansion. Solidbone is used in a wide range of mid-late game armor pieces, including the Felyne Gajalaka Mask and Cloak, Pride Mail, and more.

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