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Moonbreaker Release Date Information

Courtesy of Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Moonbreaker is a turn-based, digital tabletop strategy game with competitive PvP, PvE, and a single-player roguelike mode.

Moonbreaker Release Date Information

Moonbreaker will launch globally into Early Access on Sept. 29 on PC and Mac. Players can have earlier access on Steam as Unknown Worlds will be hosting two free Steam Preview weekends before Sept. 29. Details for the Steam Preview weekends have not been released. Players who want early access can head to Steam and click on "Request Access" and will get notified when the developer is ready for more participants to join.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer that showcases the gameplay and characters that you can rock once it is released.

Moonbreaker is set in an expansive sci-fi universe, with which they collaborated closely with renowned author Brandon Sanderson. You will transport to The Reaches, a solar system of moons held in orbit by a scarce resource called Cinder. You’ll learn much about the universe through fully-produced and voice-acted audio dramas, which will be released alongside Early Access and beyond.

Moonbreaker Early Access

The early access of Moonbreaker includes a multiplayer mode, where you can 1v1 against friends or other players. There are also two single modes: playing versus AI and Cargo Run. In the Base Game, there are three captions, ten crew unlocked in the intro challenges, 15 booster boxes, and an early access player badger. To keep track of all announcements for Moonbreaker, keep updated through their Twitter account.