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Mordhau is Coming to Consoles This Year

Mordhau is coming to Consoles
Mordhau is coming to Consoles / Photo Courtesy of Mordhau

A new game is hitting the shelves for consoles this year. Mordhau, which was previously only available on PC, is making its way to all consoles.

The massive medieval game from Triterinon has been a success on PC since its release in 2019. That success is sure to continue with its release to consoles.

Mordhau is Coming to Consoles This Year

What is Mordhau?

Mordhau takes place in a medieval time period. The weapons you use are also limited to that time period. That means you will be using swords, axes, bow and arrows and more.

Take part in that huge 64-player battlefield and fight it out. Use everything around you like catapults and ballistas to eliminate your enemies and take the win. Other game modes include Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Invasion, Frontline, and Horde.

You will be able to customize just about anything about your character. You can change what they look like, what weapons you use, your armor and the even your characters voice.

When is Mordhau Coming Out?

The release date for consoles has not yet been confirmed. The only time frame we have available is "Coming Soon" which can be seen at end of the trailer.