Mordhau Resolution Bug: What Is The Bug and How Do You Fix It?

Mordhau Resolution Bug is a problem many players are having with the recently released medieval slasher game.

Players are experiencing a variety of different resolution bugs in Mordhau. Some players are reporting that their cursor isn't properly aligned with what they're trying to click on, while others are reporting that the game is changing resolutions frequently.

Mordhau Resolution Bug: What Is The Bug and How Do You Fix It?

The main resolution bug that players are reporting is that the game launches in the wrong resolution. That's not a huge problem, except for the fact that some players can't access the settings menu to change the resolution back. The cursor can get bugged and actually clicks a few inches to the right of where a player's cursor is, preventing players from clicking on anything that's actually on the right side of the screen.

So how do you fix it?

The best way we've found to fix this annoying bug is to start the game in windowed mode. You can do this either by pressing Alt + Enter once the game is launched or by adding "-windowed" to the advanced launch options menu.

Once you're in windowed mode, you can access the settings menu and apply your desired resolution. Walking through this process every time the resolution bug happens to you is annoying, but it works.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Triternion