More Last of Us Leaks Reveal Footage, Accessibility Options, Controller Layout

More materials have leaked from The Last of Us Part 1.
More materials have leaked from The Last of Us Part 1. / Courtesy of Naughty Dog

The internet has hit another vein of leaks for The Last of Us Part 1, this time revealing more footage of the game, many of its accessibility options and the default controller layout.

The leaks come courtesy of XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who tweeted them out Wednesday night. He has since deleted them all to protect the person who shared them with him, but the clips and information have since spread across the internet.

The controller layout is as expected, including options for melee, aim, sprint, climb and all the rest from the original game. Baker also said gyro aim would be supported. There's no option for dodging or going prone, two gameplay features players hoped would be integrated after appearing in The Last of Us Part 2. (Thanks, Eurogamer.)

One set of features making the leap from The Last of Us Part 2 is the wide array of accessibility options. Players will be able to adjust the game's field of view and camera shake, adjust a color-blind mode, change the screen magnifier, and customize many of the game's controls. Players will also be able to skip puzzles and combat.

There are several leaked clips. One shows Joel upgrading his weapon at a workbench with animation detail closer to Last of Us Part 2 than the original Last of Us. Two others show Joel and Ellie in combat, using guns, melee weapons, stealth takedowns and thrown weapons. See all those at the bottom of this story.

Baker said the footage appears to be "non-HDR captured apparently. Little bit better but a touched washed out still, so I think it's a capture issue." Raising the quality to 1088p from the default 720p seems to fix the color problem. Baker also says his source described this as "the most up to date" build of the game.

This is the second round of Last of Us Part 1 leaks (third if you count the leak of its existence hours ahead of the official announcements); gameplay footage posted Wednesday showed a section of the game's opening prologue. It's not yet clear where the leaks are coming from. Ahead of the release of The Last of Us Part 2, long gameplay clips and huge plot spoilers made their way online and were said to emanate from a QA tester who had been testing the game at home during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.