Apex Legends

More Loba Buffs to Arrive in Apex Legends Season 8

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Loba has not been as popular a choice to main in Apex Legends as expected - and those that do main the translocating thief have been demanding buffs for a long time. Surprising perhaps given the power behind her ability to see Purple and Gold items from miles away, and her teleport bracelet.

With Season 8 - Mayhem - came a lot of buffs for a lot of legends - including Loba. Season 8 brought with it a buff to Loba's ultimate, allowing her to get a glimpse into care packages. But even that does not seem to be enough for Loba mains who want more. And it seems like Respawn Entertainment has listened. This time, the buff seems to be focused on her tactical ability - Burglar's Best Friend.

In light of the launch of Mayhem, Respawn Entertainment opened up a dialogue on Reddit - inviting players to ask any questions they had on Season 8. One such player commented on Loba's tactical - and Respawn's apparent disregard in favour of buffing her ultimate.

Lead Game Designer, Daniel Klein, was more than happy to answer this player's question:

"Why are we so conservative balancing her tactical? There are good reasons! Combat readability, that is to say having a good idea where the enemy could have gone to in this case, is super important for making Apex feel as good as it does."

So it certainly seems that Respawn is aware that mains wish for increased buffs with Loba and are working on it - it is simply a balancing act. And there are changes coming later on in Season 8 for Loba. Included in this is fixing a bug that has caused her teleport to fail across several areas. While no dates have been put forth on when these buffs will appear, it might just be enough for Loba to gain a bit more visibility.