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More Skate Leaks Surface

skate. remains early in development.
skate. remains early in development. / Courtesy of Full Circle, screenshot by DBLTAP

Skate. has sprung a second set of leaks, as footage from a more recent playtest build has made its way online.

The footage was first shared on Reddit by u/Parzalai, who said EA had banned their account from the playtests after having discovered they'd previously leaked footage.

The new footage comes from a significantly more recent skate. build. It shows the player character — a placeholder silhouette — skating, running and rolling around. The player also uses an emote, and pulls up the in-game Fun City Map, previewing what the game's larger city may look like in the final build. There's also a brief look at the character customization that will be included in the game.

According to Parzalai, the game's latest build features "some bug fixes, smoother riding and more arcadey grinds." See the footage for yourself here.

Modders have been operating multiplayer servers of the previous leaked build of skate., but the game's full release is still a ways away. It remains in pre-alpha, and development studio Full Circle has yet to provide a release date.