Mrs X Resident Evil 8: Who is She?

Mrs. X could make an appearance in Resident Evil 8: Village.
Mrs. X could make an appearance in Resident Evil 8: Village. / CAPCOM

Mrs. X could make an appearance in Resident Evil 8: Village.

Longtime Resident Evil fans may remember a "Mr. X" from Resident Evil 2 (RE: 2). Also known as T-00, he was one of the Tyrants let loose in Raccoon City and set to hunt Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as they attempt to escape the city's police department safely. His mission was to find a retrieve a sample of the Golgotha Virus (G-Virus) and eliminate anyone still inside the police department. From then on, some have wondered about a possible "Mrs. X" as a counterpart.

So, who is Mrs. X, and could she be one of the characters revealed during Capcom's Resident Evil showcase livestream?

Mrs X Resident Evil 8

In truth, Mrs. X is more of a joke or theory fans have based mods around than a true character. As "Mr. X" was simply an affectionate nickname given to Tyrant T-00 by Toy Biz before the release of RE: 2, as they needed a name to publish their "Series 2" action figures. While a real Mrs. X likely isn't plausible due to T-00's nature as a clone-created mutant from 1988, some have still held onto hope that she may be out there.

Many fans believe Mrs. X may be the recently revealed Lady Alicina Dimitrescu—a vampire woman with a towering figure and even more imposing presence in-game. She is the mistress who oversees the castle on the outskirts of the village and is described as having "bewitching looks." It goes without saying that the fanbase has taken a swift liking to her.

She is most notably a vampire and likely the head of a possible House Dimitrescu, one of four symbols shown in the early snapshots of the game. In the third trailer, players get a glimpse at a conversation between her and a faceless "Mother Miranda" who, we can guess by context clues, is her superior—implying she may be the ruling "tower" force in the center of the symbols.

Another theory is that she may be the central tower, itself, and that the four surrounding sigils are actually the daughters she references in that same phone call. After all, Capcom has been very clear about her "towering" appearance. Could this be a signal to players about her role in the game? Unfortunately, it's too soon to confirm anything just yet.

More information about Resident Evil: Village can be found on Capcom's official Resident Evil website. The game is set to release on May 7, and will be available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as the Xbox One, Series X, and Series S.