MTG Arena Steam Release Date


The premier way to play Magic: The Gathering digitally, MTG Arena, is coming to the premier gaming storefront: Steam. Despite existing on a separate client for years and only recently coming to the Epic Games Store, MTG Arena is finally making its way to Steam. Here's when you can download it.

MTG Arena is the flashier younger brother of the virtual MTG ecosystem. It released for PC in 2019 and mobile devices in 2021. It's fully free to play, though microtransactions do exist to purchase the game's premium currency, Gems, and pre-order bundles for new sets.

MTG Arena Steam Release Date

MTG parent company Wizards of the Coast recently announced that MTG Arena would be coming to Steam on May 23. Earlier predictions set this release much later than initially projected in 2022, which put it as releasing in the Fall of this year, according to Polygon. The game's Steam release is thus a pleasant surprise for players waiting to jump in until it arrived on the platform.

The game's release on Steam could mean the game is compatible on Steam Deck, allowing for further portable play without requiring a mobile device. This feature is not yet confirmed, however.

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