MTG Commander Masters Release Date


Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander, EDH) is one of Magic: The Gathering's most popular formats for casual players, offering a unique experience that can be enjoyed by groups of players of all skill levels. Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new product specifically for EDH soon, Commander Masters. Here's when you can get your hands on it.

Commander is a format in MTG that has players construct unique 100-card decks, limited to a single copy of each non-Basic land card. These decks are headed by a Legendary Creature that acts as the deck's Commander and dictates what colors may be used in the deck.

WOTC has released several "Masters" sets for Magic over the years. These sets usually primarily feature reprints of old, powerful cards as well as new ones designed to be on their level. These sets serve to elevate the format and make powerful cards more accessible to players.

MTG Commander Masters Release Date

According to the Magic website, Commander Masters releases Aug. 4, 2023. It will feature four pre-constructed decks, though their contents are currently unknown. These decks are:

  • Planeswalker Party
  • Eldrazi Unbound
  • Enduring Enchantments
  • Sliver Swarm

Now you know when to look out for Magic Commander Masters.