MTG Historic Anthology 7 Release Date

Conner Dejecacion

A new batch of cards is coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena with the express purpose of shaking up the meta. Historic Anthology 7 is the latest "anthology" of cards to be added to this digital adaptation of MTG, bringing with it a selection of cards from Magic's past that are sure to turn a few heads on its way to the client. Here's when Historic Anthology 7 will be available to purchase on MTG Arena.

Historic Anthology 7, or HA7, is a limited selection of cards handpicked for the Historic format on MTG Arena. Unlike a traditional set or even mini-set, HA7 is a carefully-curated batch of 25 cards selected to empower certain decks and create new strategies in MTG's Historic format.

According to announcements made by Wizards of the Coast, Historic Anthology 7 will be available starting July 18 on MTG Arena, alongside Explorer Anthology 3. One important caveat to note is that HA7 will only be available to purchase as a set for a limited time: until October 10. While this is a span of several months, it might be important to keep in mind if you are still unsure of whether to join in the Historic format now or later.

While HA7 has not yet been fully previewed, the cards that have been previewed include powerful classics like Sun Titan, Grave Titan and Bloodghast. It's unclear if these cards will be as effective on Arena as they traditionally have been, but they are exciting additions nonetheless.