MTG Lord of the Rings Spoilers


Magic: The Gathering is expanding its universe once more. After visiting the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40K and Transformers, Magic is turning to yet another beloved fantasy property as part of its ongoing Universes Beyond initiative that moves Magic's borders out of established original worlds. Here's everything we know about the cards in Magic: The Gathering's Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle Earth set.

Universes Beyond is a new strategy first implemented in 2021 for Magic: The Gathering that adds existing third-party worlds to the Magic infrastructure. Magic has already successfully released collaborations with properties like Warhammer 40K and The Walking Dead, but these were limited products. The upcoming Lord of the Rings set will be a full set with cards legal in formats other than Standard.

MTG Lord of the Rings Spoilers

As of now, no cards have been spoiled for Tales from Middle Earth. While some information has been revealed, little is known about the actual content of the set. Key art appears to depict some fan-favorite characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, including Frodo Baggins, The Balrog and Gandalf, their cards remain a mystery.

Expect more details to emerge about the cards from the set in the coming weeks, such as during the First Look event on March 14 and more solidly during the Debut on May 30. In the meantime look out for March of the Machine spoilers ahead of the next set's release.