MTG March of the Machine Aftermath Release Date

WOTC / Chris Rallis

Magic: The Gathering is getting a new card set this month, even though March of the Machine just released a few weeks ago. Followup mini-set March of the Machine: The Aftermath releases very soon - here's when you can get your hands on this fifty-card package that aims to tie up the New Phyrexia storyline once and for all.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath is a standard-legal mini-set with a unique focus on narrative. March of the Machine presented the explosive climax of the New Phyrexia storyline, following the villianous praetors led by Elesh Norn in their quest for interplanar conquest, but there are still some loose ends to tie up, story-wise. New Phyrexia is defeated, but at what cost?

MTG March of the Machine Aftermath Release Date

Players will have access to Aftermath cards very soon. According to the official Magic website, the set releases in stores on May 12. Players on MTG Arena and Magic Online will be able to play with the cards two days earlier on May 11.

All the cards in the set have been officially revealed, but players have been able to view them via leaks that spoiled the entire set weeks early.

Some notable story beats revealed through the cards are the loss of "Sparks" by Planeswalkers, stripping them of much of their power and the ability to cross between planes. Furthermore, Planeswalker Elspeth is crowned a goddess and planes like New Capenna are attempting to rebuild following the destructive Phyrexian invasions.