MTG March of the Machine Release Date


Magic: The Gathering continues to ramp up its 2023 with the thrilling Phyrexian storyline. While Phyrexia: All Will Be One just released earlier this month, over the weekend Wizards of the Coast debuted a first look at the epic finale to the current narrative arc: March of the Machine. Here's when you'll be able to get your hands on the latest set.

As it stands, things aren't looking good for the Magic multiverse. Elesh Norn and the Phyrexians successfully activated their Realmbreaker device, allowing them to launch full-scale invasions of other planes. The newest spoilers show the Phyrexians at the apex of their power, converting fan-favorite MTG characters into brainwashed minions and laying waste to beloved worlds.

MTG March of the Machine Release Date

Though WOTC has already begun drumming up hype for March of the Machine, the set isn't dropping for a few months. According to the Magic website, pre-release events for MOM start on April 14, and the set releases on MTG Arena on April 18. Everyone will be able to purchase the set on April 21 and, just a few weeks later, the Aftermath epilogue mini-set releases on May 12. Players can also pre-order the set at a local store or online.

Will the remaining heroes of the multiverse be able to stop the Phyrexians, or will the multiverse fall into their sinister clutches? It's too early to say, but Magic players are in for a treat and lead designer Mark Rosewater called the set the product he is most excited about in Magic this year.