Multiple Women Accuse Content Creator Syndicate of Sexual Abuse

Tom Cassell
6th Annual Thirst Gala | Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Streamer and content creator Tom "Syndicate" Cassell has been accused of sexual abuse by two women, who posted their allegations on Twitter over the weekend.

Natalie "TheZombiUnicorn" Casanova and Cassell's ex-girlfriend KaitlinWitcher posted videos on Twitter accusing Cassell of sexual abuse. "Seeing so many brave women come forward with their stories, I finally realized my own story of sexual abuse that I'd long passed off as him just "being a dick," Casanova said in her tweet. Casanova mentioned in her statement that they had a consensual sexual relationship, but there was a time it became non-consensual.

Her statement is embedded below.

Warning: the clip contains graphic imagery describing alleged sexual abuse.

Another woman, KaitlinWitcher on Twitter, also came forward accusing Cassell of sexual abuse. She states in the video that she was 18-years-old at the time and Cassell was her first boyfriend.

Warning: the following clips contain imagery and wording depicting alleged sexual abuse

The tweet thread includes four following parts. The two previous content warnings apply to the four additional videos.

Cassell released a statement Sunday on Twitter. "I honestly don't know what to say with all these allegations being made against me. I'm in actual shock. I seriously am. I want to address every single thing that's been said. I will be making a statement regarding all the false allegations in the following days.