MultiVersus Developers Clear the Air Regarding Free-to-Play Characters

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games

Developers of MultiVersus, "an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter videogame with an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes," clarified the nature of the game's free-to-play structure on Discord and Twitter on Tuesday.

In the announcement, they detailed the game's "Free Character Preview Rotation," stating, "Starting today, we'll have a new section of our roster that will be free to all players that will change every TWO weeks. Character progression you earn with these characters beginning from Early Access this timeframe will be SAVED so when they're back in rotation (or if you unlock them with in-game Gold) you'll be able to continue right where you left off."

The confusion came after fans who participated in the early access period (from July 19 - July 25), returned yesterday to find that the characters they had been familiarizing themselves with over the past week were locked, with four new characters now at the disposal of free-to-play gamers.

The "rotation" structure is no doubt an incentive to get gamers to play with different characters, as well as to promote purchases of the characters that fans prefer. The catch here is that players are only able to earn progress with a character while it is a part of the free character preview. But, if it becomes locked before you can fully unlock it, you've got to wait until it returns to the free rotation, or pay to regain access to that character, or grind with another character until you have enough in-game gold to unlock them. Simple, right?

Gamers might think of MultiVersus as Warner Bros Games' answer to Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros series. Players can play as characters like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, DC Heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, as well as characters inspired by other Warner Bros. Entertainment assets. Lebron James is also included as a character in the game.

The game is currently in its Open Beta, since July 26. The first season kicks off on Aug. 9. MultiVersus is available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, and PC.