MyPlayer Nation NBA 2K20: What to Expect

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

MyPlayer Nation in NBA 2K20 is the newest feature in the game's popular MyPlayer mode. Launching at the same time the NBA regular season begins Tuesday, players should expect an overhaul of the MyPlayer system they have known and loved for nearly 10 years.

MyPlayer Nation 2K20 Key Features

Although full details of what MyPlayer Nation will entail have not been released, players have speculated on some key features that might be in MyPlayer Nation. Given the "Nation" part of the new feature's name, it is likely there will be plenty of online or social aspects. Whether that means an expansion of the MyPark feature -- in which you can play in tournaments and customize your own area -- or an ability to exchange scores and compare statistics, MyPlayer Nation will allow you to make your 2K experience a shared one with players around the world.

Many on Reddit have speculated that it is a full-on online mode for MyCareer, meaning that any game you play with your team on your schedule will be matched with a team controlled by another real-life player online. Whether or not internet speculation will be in the ballpark of what actually comes with the feature, it will be interesting to find out when the game mode goes live.