Mysterious Map is Teased in the Latest Overwatch 2 Trailer

Courtesy of Blizzard

On June 12, Xbox held a showcase for new and upcoming games. Among this line was a surprise appearance from Overwatch 2, which got an early access release date and was announced to be a free-to-play title. The Overwatch 2 panel also treated fans to a new trailer, detailing lots of gameplay, new heroes, cosmetic items, and maps.

After the trailers release, eagle-eyed fans have already been able to point out new weapon charms, a potential new hero who hasn't been announced yet, and a brand-new, unannounced map.

The new map has especially piqued interest in fans. At exactly 1:21 in the new trailer, Ana can see perched on a rooftop overlooking what seems to be a European-like city with lots of older-looking architecture. The map also seems to feature a large stone castle in the distance, but it's unclear if that will be accessible to players.

Blizzard seems to have plenty in store ahead of Overwatch 2's October release date, and more is surely going to be revealed during Blizzard's upcoming stream taking place on June 16.

Until then though, fans will have a few days to theorize and debate where this new map is located, as well as who the new mystery hero shown in the trailer is. Remember to check out our Overwatch page to keep up to date with coverage on everything Overwatch and Overwatch 2.