Mystery Domination NBA2K 21 Explained

Photo courtesy of E.A Sports

Season 6 of NBA2K 21 MyTeam is here and mystery domination is now available. For those unfamiliar with domination mode, you basically have to eat every team in the NBA with a few extra teams to win the mode.

The mode is a fan favorite because you earn amazing rewards for completing the mode. In this case, you can earn 99 overall player cards like JR Smith. How he got a 99 card we will never know.

Mystery Domination NBA2K 21 Explained

The domination mode is against the computer, so you have to select the difficultly you would like to play on. For the mystery domination, you will need to put it on the hall of fame, the hardest mode. So far, it seems like players have been struggling to defeat the computer on this hall of fame mode.

The best advice we can give you is to keep trying different strategies against different teams. No two teams are the same, so some teams will have trouble with zones while others have trouble with man to man. Also, don’t be afraid to try new lineups as you never know who can be the difference maker.

Good luck on defeating the mystery domination. You’ll need it!