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Myth of Empires Closed Beta: When is it?

Courtesy of Angela Games
Courtesy of Angela Games /

Myth of Empires is a new title currently being developed by Angela Games. MoE is a sandbox MMO with a lot of similarities to Mount and Blade. The game gives players a lot of freedom to do what they wish, allowing players to build armies and cities as well as invade other player's settlements. The game had a closed alpha recently, and is now planning to open a closed beta.

Myth of Empires Closed Beta: When is it?

Myth of Empires is planning to hold a closed beta for prospective players to get hands-on testing with the new title early next month. Beginning on Oct. 2 and running for eight days until Oct. 10, this beta will allow players to access a lot more of the game's features than in the alpha. There will be more areas added, more expansive crafting, increased animal types, and both PvP and PvE servers across beta servers.

Players can get access to these new features in the closed beta when it launches on Oct. 2. The full release date for the game has not been officially announced, but it is expected for the title to drop sometime in late 2021.