DeKay: First Details Uncovered About New NA-Based CS:GO League Set to Launch in March

A new NA-based CS:GO league will launch in March, according to sources
A new NA-based CS:GO league will launch in March, according to sources / Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

A new North American-based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league will launch in March with 12 teams, three tournaments and a LAN final per season, according to multiple sources involved with the league. It will cost teams $2 million to enter the league, of which they will receive part ownership. The working name for the league is “B Site,” though it's not yet clear if that will be the final name of the league.

B Site Inc, the company running the league, incorporated in July. Cloud9 and Immortals Gaming Club, which owns MIBR, have led the charge on the league's creation, according to multiple sources.

According to multiple sources, the league will feature a one month long regular season followed by a final, with the first season starting in March. The regular season will occur on LAN through three tournaments with a points-based system, with the top eight teams qualifying for the finals. The first final will take place in Europe but the final and regular season are expected alternate between North America and Europe in each subsequent season, according to sources.

The league will not restrict teams from playing other events or tournaments, but it is expected to overlap with ESL Pro League as a result of avoiding circuit events and Valve-sponsored Majors. Playing both leagues will not be possible due to the obvious scheduling conflict that would occur. Astralis has recently declined to participate in the next season of ESL Pro League and is currently expected to play in the B Site league, according to sources, meaning the three confirmed teams for the league so far are MIBR, Cloud9 and Astralis.

Following the publication of this story, Astralis in-game leader Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander tweeted that Astralis have not made any final decisions at this time regarding which league they will play in 2020.

Every year, two seasons of the B Site league will occur with a total prize pool of $2 Million ($1 Million per season), according to sources. The league expects to be filled with 12 teams. Ten teams will pay a $2 million entry fee and have ownership of the league, including revenue sharing. Two additional teams will enter through a qualifier and will not be included in the league revenue share model, though they also won't have to pay the entry fee.

Further confirmation of the B Site league came with information presented to DBLTAP by one team source, which compares revenue share numbers between ESL and the new league.

According to sources, the league will not use the same revenue share model that is featured in recent ESL Pro League and BLAST Pro Series agreements, in which players receive a specific fraction of each team’s revenue share numbers. Instead, B Site will directly compensate players with a starting revenue share number of roughly $1.04 Million, as shown in the graphic above.