Nadeshot Invitational Warzone: Teams, Prize Pool, How to Watch

courtesy of 100T Nadeshot

Nadeshot Invitational is a Warzone tournament hosting 16 teams competing for a total prize pool a of $100,000.

Nadeshot Invitational Warzone: Teams, Prize Pool, How to Watch

Last Wednesday 100T Nadeshot announced his first Warzone tournament. As the CEO of 100T and a heavy Warzone player, Nadeshot has created a huge scale invitational.

32 content creators have participated in forms of duos as they aim for name recognition and the prize. The event has already started its first day on May 18. The game was set on two stages- a 2v2 and a kill race. Only half of the 16 duos made it to the second day.

This article will provide information about the Teams, specifics of the prize pool, and how to watch the live game.


courtesy of Nadeshot

As mentioned earlier, only eight duos made it to the second day. Here is the full list of players and those who have made it to May 19.

  • Blazt & MuTeX - Qualified
  • Aydan & Rated - Qualified
  • SuperEvan & DiazBiffle - Qualified
  • IceManIsaac & Breadman - Qualified
  • Stukawaki & Unrational - Qualified
  • ClutchBelk & Destroy - Qualified
  • HusKerrs & Newbz - Qualified
  • Swagg & Booya - Qualified
  • Symfuhny & Tfue
  • DrDisrespect & ZLaner
  • Teep & DougisRaw
  • Warsz & Fifakill
  • Tommey & Almxnd
  • Exzachtt & Joewo
  • Jukeyz & Deleo
  • Bobbypoff & Repullze

The list has been made in order from highest to lowest point from day one. Each kill is one point, and placing higher of the team gives more point. Blazt and MuTeX are in first with a total points of 393 but we will have to wait and see if the duo will be able to keep their crown.

Prize Pool

The prize of the tournament has been a huge aspect of this event. The total prize pool is $100,000 as mentioned above.

The money will be split up in various ways including as an award for first to eighth place with a budget of $86,000 and team wins during day 2 with a budget of $14,000. Thus everyone participating on May 19 will be receiving a prize for sure.

Here is detailed information of the prize split up:

  • 1st place $30,000
  • 2nd place $20,000
  • 3rd place $10,000
  • 4th place $8,000
  • 5th/6th place $5,000
  • 7th/8th place $4,000
  • $1,000 for team wins on day 2

How to Watch

courtesy of Nadeshot

The tournament will be streamed on Nadeshot's Twitch Channel. The first day of Nadeshot Invitational has been a huge success with 39.1 million viewers over the five hours of streaming. The full stream of day one is also accessible here.

Make sure to hop onto his Twitch on 2:00 PM ET to watch the last day of Nateshot Invitationals live. Who will be the lucky team to win $30,000?