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NBA 2K and WWE 2K Studio, Visual Concepts, is Hiring for an Unannounced, 'Open-World Driving Game'

"This AAA title is targeted at multiple platforms."
"This AAA title is targeted at multiple platforms." / Image courtesy of Visual Concepts

It appears Visual Concepts, 2K's developer studio credited for the NBA 2K and WWE 2K titles, is hiring for an "unannounced, open-world driving game."

On Feb. 7, Visual Concepts posted a number of new job openings for their Foothill Ranch, California studio, including one for a producer that would work on an unannounced project that appears to be a new type of AAA title unseen before from the studio.

"Our Foothill Ranch studio is looking for a seasoned Producer to join our development efforts on an unannounced, open-world driving game with a major license," the Visual Concepts producer posting reads. "This AAA title is targeted at multiple platforms."

It's especially interesting to see Visual Concepts drop the "major license" detail in there as although 2K has yet to produce a racing title, longtime driving fans are sure to be familiar with parent company Take-Two Interactive's last flagship driving game to date, Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008).

On another Visual Concepts Foothill Ranch posting for a senior technical artist, the studio wrote, "This role acts as a liaison between the programmers and artists working on a wide variety of features and tools for an exciting new open-world driving game."

Additionally, the Visual Concepts Twitter account has had its bio updated to, "NBA 2K, WWE 2K, a new AAA game that will blow your mind: Visual Concepts has been making great games for 30 years."

Ultimately, with Visual Concepts having yet to release a title unrelated to NBA 2K and WWE 2K since 2014, and disconnected from sports entirely since producing Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), it will be interesting to see if/when their first-ever racing game is officially announced.