NBA 2K Version 1.04 Patch Notes: 5 Biggest Changes

NBA 2K Version 1.04 Patch Notes bring a few minor improvements and a major bug fix. While 2K Games aren't clear or direct with what went down, here are the five biggest changes to NBA 2K20:

NBA 2K Version 1.04 Patch Notes: 5 Biggest Changes

  1. Fixed a bug that froze the game when leaving the animation store in the Neighborhood
  2. Reduced the heights of jumps made by shot blockers
  3. Fixed some ballhandler-defender AI interactions
  4. Minor improvements to multiplayer
  5. Improved stability and crashing issues

The information on the jumps and AI adjustments come from Gideon Prime on Twitter, who has detailed some of the fixes that 2K did not announce for the update.

The latest in the annual NBA 2K franchise had a troubled release, riddled with bugs and balance issues that rendered the game almost unplayable in its original state. 2K has since been rather diligent in getting the game to a playable standard, with four bug fixes and updates in the two weeks it's been out. However, it's still the second lowest rated game on Steam and community goodwill is still on the fritz.

NBA 2K20 is available now for XBox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.

Photo courtesy of 2K Games.