NBA 2K20 Badge Glitch Patched

NBA 2K20 Badge Glitch was patched in a recent update. The glitch was just one in the litany of bugs to plague the most recent iteration of the annual basketball franchise.

NBA 2K20 Badge Glitched Patched

The glitch, which was also present in NBA 2K19, allowed players to quickly grind Drills to rack up Badge progress by exploiting a form of save scumming. By reloading previous saves, players could keep track of their progress but not advance in the game's event timeline.

As of the most recent update, users who had taken advantage of this glitch have been issued bans.

This isn't even the only Badge progress glitch. There's another one works in the inverse, freezing your progress so you can't earn any badges. This negative progress glitch wasn't even fixed in the recent patch.

2K19 had faced merciless criticism immediately upon its release. It was received so poorly that it's currently the second lowest rated game on Steam, second to only Flatout 3. The game barely functions, and has many of the glitches 2K19 had.

2K Games had issued a meek response on Twitter, claiming they are working "around the clock" to fix all the issues they've allegedly had only seen after launch. They have also yet to issue an official patch notes, so it's anyone's guess how much of the game is actually getting fixed.

Photo courtesy of 2K Games.