NBA 2k20 League Tryouts: Everything You Need to Know

NBA 2k20 league tryouts qualifying stages will run until Nov. 10. Here is everything you need know now and leading up to the final date.

NBA 2k20 League Tryouts: Everything You need to Know

In order to understand a player's skill and passion for the game, each player must meet a level of requirements in order to be eligible for the league. Players must win at least 50 games in NBA 2k20's pro-am team or The Rec and have a win percentage above 50 in order to continue the process.

Each applicant is required to complete an online application by 3 p.m. ET Nov. 10. If interested, access to the application can be found here. When applying, players must match the Xbox One or Playstation 4 gamertag associated with the log-in. On the application, expect questions about gaming background, basketball IQ, NBA 2K IQ and an audio submission about why a player should be drafted into the NBA 2K League. Finally, each player will be required to sign a pledge to provide a fair and safe competitive environment for the 2K community.