NBA 2K20 Sales Soar Despite Negative Fan Reactions

NBA 2K20 sales soared despite the negative fan reactions. While the 2K games regularly top year-end sales charts each and every year, NBA 2K20 seems to be jumping a couple extra hurdles in order to get good publicity. According to fans, however, these hurdles are self-imposed.

Despite sporting a 77 on Metacritic, with generally favorable reviewer scores, the game's user score rounds out to a measly 7 out of 10. When looking at fan reviews, this is most likely due to several new tactics rolled out by 2K to give the game a greater focus towards microtransactions and randomly generated lootboxes, leading to fans lashing out online.

Similar review bombs occurred in 2015 when Bethesda introduced paid mods in Skyrim, as well as recently with the Arkham games being released on Epic Games Launcher.

Despite the strong outcry from fans, NBA 2K20 topped the sales charts in both Europe and North America during its launch week on both digital and physical platforms, despite now being the second-worst reviewed game in Steam history.

Image courtesy 2K Games