NBA 2K20 Shooting Tips

NBA 2K20 shooting tips are important because even though you might have mastered plenty advanced 2K mechanics such as blocking, ball-handling, and passing, there is a possibility that you may still struggle with arguably the game's most important tool.

Although it might seem obvious, mastering advanced and consistent shooting can take a little while to master.. Here are three tips to help bring your field goal percentage way up.

NBA 2K20 Shooting Tips

1. Get used to the shooting stick: The shooting stick might seem intimidating at first, but learning to time your release with the shooting stick will produce much more accurate shots over time.

2. Always find the open man: Spacing your offense properly against a tough defender can be quite challenging. Often, driving to the hoop can distract the defense enough for you to find an open man beyond the arc to kick the ball out to.

3. Take advantage of the pick and roll: By hitting the left bumper (or L1 on PS4), one of your larger players will come set a pick next to the person defending you, creating a screen that will allow to either get an open look, or dish it to an open center down in the post.