NBA 2K20 Treasure Map Location: How to Find the Treasure Map in the NBA 2K20 Treasure Hunter Event

NBA 2K20 treasure map location is part of the Treasure Hunter Event, which recently went live. One of the main aspects of the event is the treasure map, which gives you objectives to complete to earn some rewards. Ffinding the map can be a pain, especially because it seems to be in a different location for every neighborhood. Here, we'll tell you some locations that might help steer you in the right direction to find the treasure map.

NBA 2K20 Treasure Map Location

The location of the treasure map seems to be random, and differs for each player. So there is no guarantee that one player's location will be the same as yours. However, here are some spots where players have found their treasure map.

• Near the third tee at Disc Golf behind the MyCourt buildings
• Behind the Training Facility
• In front of the Rec Center
• Next to Ante Up
• Behind the building with DJ Artwork
• Behind Doc's Barber Shop
• Behind the NBA store
• Behind VC management

There are plenty of other locations that other players have yet to experience, but these seem to be the most common locations that players have found their treasure maps.

Photo courtesy of 2K Games