NBA 2K20 Triple Threat Error: How to Fix it

NBA 2K20 Triple Threat error has bugged many different players since launch. With a release on multiple devices comes additional problems due to different requirements of the different mainstream consoles.

One of these problems if found with the offline version of the Triple Threat mode. The problem occurs when you attempt to play the mode, and the game gives you an error code and then takes you back to the main menu of the game.

NBA 2K20 Triple Threat Error: How to Fix it

Currently, no one has yet to find a way to solve the problem and the error code keeps coming up whenever you attempt to play Triple Threat offline. Some have stated a simple game restart has fixed the issue while other had to completely uninstall the game and re-download it.

This error also appears to be expected on the developer side. This means that the error should be fixed within a few days and they did not have enough time to fix it before the launch day.

Cover Image Courtesy of 2k Games