NBA 2K21 Neighborhood Not Working: How to Fixx

NBA 2k21 Neighborhood not working and why
NBA 2k21 Neighborhood not working and why / 2K Sports

NBA 2K21 Neighborhood not working has become a common complaint from players.

As with any newer release, there are bound to be problems with the gameplay or setup. Despite a beta team's best efforts, of course, not every scenario can be adequately prepared for when released to a wider audience. The problem with the neighborhoods in 2K21 is just one example of this.

Below you'll find everything we can tell you about NBA 2K21 and its neighborhood feature.

NBA 2K21 Neighborhood Not Working

The Neighborhood is a feature that adds an extra layer of social interaction beyond just queuing up to play games in the Park. This allows players to wander around and take note of each other while deciding which game in the Park they'd like to join. Unfortunately, the Neighborhood lobby only has a select few slots available.

This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that some players have been hopping online to simply stand around and sort out settings they should've taken care of in the first place. In doing so, they prevent new players who are interested in jumping into games from playing.

Essentially, a traffic jam is created, which leads to the Neighborhood not working as it should.

Other issues with the Neighborhood function could be connectivity related. Error messages concerning the player's console connection to the server have been common as of late.

Fortunately, it appears a hotfix is close at hand. Perhaps 2K Sports will consider adding more slots to their online lobbies. In the meantime, however, players will just have to wait their turn.