NBA 2K21 New Features: 3 Things to Be Excited For

NBA 2K21 new features include changes to the fundamentals of the 2K experience for the annual basketball franchise. Some major gameplay elements have been reworked and improved.

Some of these changes are slight, while others are fundamental to the game's mechanics. Let's dive into three of the upcoming changes. NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang wrote Thursday on the PlayStation blog about new features coming in the new game, the demo of which expects to be released soon.

Here are three new features you can expect to see in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21: 3 New Features

1. Shot Stick Changes

The shot stick has been altered to resemble a type of shot more accurate to reality. It used to be that you would time your release correctly for a more accurate shot, but now there is going to be a center aim point the player can try to aim for instead of it being a timing element.

2. Post Defense

Post player defense has been altered so big men can have more of a presence in the paint. Block targeting has been more accurately improved so that defense is a stronger element in game. It will be easier to block weak shots at the rim; something that has frustrated players in the past was the inability to stop players from going to the rim at will.

1. Motion Styles

More motion styles will be added to NBA2K21 to continue to create a more lifelike experience. Some of the players receiving new animations to resemble their real life play are Patrick Beverly, Russell Westbrook, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.