NBA 2K21 Patch Notes 1.08 Explained

Photo Courtesy of NBA2K on Twitter

The latest NBA 2K21 Patch Notes are live for the Current and Next Gen, and feature a lot of fixes requested by the community for online and offline play.

The latest update is available for download now and includes updates in MyCareer, the game's soundtrack, face scans, and more.

Current Gen Updates

Photo Courtesy of NBA2K on Twitter

Patch 1.08 features updates for current gen players in various game modes.

In MyCareer, players can celebrate the Lunar New Year at 2K Beach, featuring beautiful Lunar themed decorations around the beach and courts, as well as visit the Traveling Big Top.

For MyTeam, patches have been placed to fix a variety of performance and stability problems in the game mode. Additionally, a rare hang that could happen when starting up a multiplayer match has been fixed. 2K also released a variety of non-gameplay updates in prep for their annual MyTeam Unlimited tournament on February 20th. You can even watch the tournament games live with 2kStreamcast.

Outside of those key game modes, player likeness has been improved for some players, and new tracks have been added to 2KBeats. Online play has also seen the disabling of controller rumbling, which was something many online players have been asking for in the community.

Next Gen Updates

Photo Courtesy of NBA2K on Twitter

Players who got their hands on the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series S/X were also granted a sizable update to NBA 2K21 in most game modes.

In MyCareer, The City has seen many updates and fixes. Load times for menus throughout The City have been improved, foam fingers and boxing gloves won't be equipped when starting games in The City, the badge progression display on the post-game recap screen has been fixed, and many other stability and performance issues around The City have been fixed to improve The City experience. Additionally, private matchmaking is now available during Pro-Am League Nights.

In MyTeam, various stability and gameplay mechanics have been improved, including the addition of Situational Substitutions for On-The-Fly Coaching and timeouts in Domination, Challenge, Unlimited and Limited Modes. And like the current generation, next-gen MyTeam is seeing updates to prepare for upcoming events.

In Next Gen's MyNBA, player morale calculation has been improved, as well as auto-generated players' progression in certain athletic attributes. Downloading online draft classes has also seen a boost in functionality.

As for the core game itself, 2K Beats has seen new additions in tracks, many face scans have been updated, including the likeness of rookies Lamelo Ball, Immanuel Quickley and Tyrese Maxey, as well as veterans Jaren Jackson Jr., Brandon Clarke, Troy Daniels and more, and uniforms have been updated for the Knicks and Lakers. In addition, the vertical line remaining on screen for some time on Xbox has been addressed.

Finally, one of the biggest parts of the update for players, off the dribble fading three pointers have been reduced in effectiveness, something players online and offline in the community have begged for since the game's release.

The Updates are available across current/next-gen consoles, as well as the current generation update on PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo, (excluding the MyTeam tournament preparations).