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NBA 2K21 Rival Day Explained

NBA 2K21 Rival Day is back, and it's time to rep your affiliation.

For those that are new to the NBA 2K world, Rival Day is when all of the different affiliations on the NBA 2K MyPark play each other to see which affiliation is the best. When you start your MyCareer journey, you choose which affiliation you want to be a part of. These choices include the North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East, and the Western Wildcats.

After Rival Day, each affiliation's wins are tallied up, and 2K will recognize a winner for the day. Whatever affiliation has the most number of wins from all of the Rival Days combined will win a prize. In years past, the winning affiliation would get a new court for the teams to play on as their prize, usually centered around their team name. For example, when the Old Town Flyers won the Rivals event, their home court was changed to a helicopter landing base with helicopters flying during the games.

These Rival Days have become loved within the NBA 2K communities as teams compete to rep their teams. It has been a tradition that has been around for years, and even though the team names have changed throughout the years, the love and passion of the players haven't.

While we don't know what this year's prize will be, we do know that the affiliations will come out to compete and try to win whatever prize 2K is giving to the winners.